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container shipping

What is Container Shipping? Size, Types & Prices

Container shipping is the backbone of international trade, with approximately 90% of goods transported by it. In today’s guide, we …

shipping cost from china to uk

Shipping Costs from China to UK: Rates & Factors

For any people considering imports from China to the UK, one of the pivotal considerations is the shipping cost. Comprehending …

cif shipping in sea freight

CIF Shipping: Protect Your Goods in Transit

CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), one of the shipping terms, delineates the obligations between buyers and sellers in international trade …

shipping time from china to uk

China to UK Shipping Time: Timeframes and Considerations

In China-to-UK international trade, optimizing shipping processes and reducing transit times remains a priority. Regardless of the chosen shipping approach, …

import from china to uk

Import from China to UK: How to Shipping Successfully

In 2022, China’s total merchandise exports to the UK will be US$81.54. However, importing from China to UK can be …

multimodal transport

Multimodal Transport: Elevating Shipping Efficiency

Multimodal transport is one of the cost-effective logistics solutions for international trade. Today, let’s delve into its definition, advantages, and …

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