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Airsupply, a leading freight forwarder, can help you ship from China to Europe by booking the best shipping carrier. Whether you want to move goods by air, ocean, or railway freight, we always offer customized solutions for your specific European delivery requirements. Our dedicated tracking system allows you to get instant cargo details during shipping to Europe.

Swift Air Freight

Airsupply's air freight experts support expedited options for delivery within 24 hours. We not only offer charter flights for shipping to Europe to meet your urgent needs but also provide ULD build-up for your air cargo. Whether your shipments require commercial planes or freighter aircraft, we assure you of timely and efficient delivery at competitive prices.

HKGAMX$4/kg $4/kg $4/kg
HKGMAD$4/kg$3.9/kg$3.8/ kg

Note: The unit shipping price is for reference only. Contact us for the latest quotes.

DepartureDestinationUnit Price

Note: Rates listed are for reference only. Contact us for the latest quotes.

Cost-effective Sea Shipping

Airsupply's ocean freight ships over 100 containers a day to ports for shipping to Europe. Our port-to-port logistics services enable you to receive your shipment hassle-free. Whether you require FCL, LCL, or non-containerized load, we can cater to all your sea freight shipping needs at a competitive cost.

Intermodal Rail Freight

ASLG's intermodal solutions integrate rail and road transport to deliver sustainable logistics within your supply chain. Our four main routes of rail freight from China to Europe can lead your cargo to arrive within 10-25 days. The final truck shipping will complete the door-to-door delivery. With our extensive rail shipping operation between Asia and Europe, you can count on our experts to optimize your core business.

Yiwu NL $2.2/kg $1.75/kg $1.7/kg
YiwuFR $2.2/kg $1.9/kg $1.75/kg
YiwuIT $2.4/kg $2.2/kg $2.1/kg
YiwuPL $2.2/kg $1.9/kg $1.75/kg

Note: The unit shipping price is for reference only. Contact us for the latest quotes.

Setting Us Apart From the Ordinary Freight Forwarders

Efficient custom clearance

Our dedicated team will guide you through all the shipping documents required and offer pre-clearance customs services to ensure your shipment arrives faster and on time.

China-Europe Experts

Our experts delivers data-backed logistics solutions for China-Europe trade that can accommodate any deadline, guaranteeing seamless international shipping while keeping your cargo secure.

Hassle-free Security

We support 24/7 Security Centers, E-locks, and in-container GPS devices to improve security and provide updates on the status of your shipment, including location, temperature, and vibration alerts.

Greener Shipping

We work with shippers and carriers on carbon-neutral shipping. We also support and guide them in adopting practices that can promote environmental sustainability.

China-Europe Case Studies

italy CIF shipping
plane on landing strip waiting for load
a couple of palleted cargo parked on a runway waiting for transport
airplane parked on an empty runway

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