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We take pride in providing in-house expertise for diverse and specialized freight services, from hazardous, restricted and sensitive cargo to complex international projects.
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Automotive Shipping

Our passion and in-depth knowledge of all vehicle types and global shipping requirements allow us to fully understand our client’s needs. With our warehousing and logistics expertise, our specialists can readily provide comprehensive shipping solutions regardless of vehicle size.

See how we can help with your car shipping needs.

Batteries Shipping

With fully trained team members in Good Distribution Practice (GDP), a fleet of vehicles, all essential accreditations, and years of experience in handling batteries, we’re the best logistics provider for loading, transporting, unloading and storing your batteries.

Our fully trained and trusted team is ready to help you transport your batteries today.

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E-cigarettes Shipping

With accreditations and years of experience in handling all classes of hazardous goods, our team stays on top of the ever-changing regulations around the movement of e-cigarettes. Along with our self-developed cargo tracking technology, we work closely with global authorities to guarantee safe delivery whether by air, sea, or express.

Find out more about how we transport sensitive e-cigarettes.

Drones Shipping

Drone shipping becomes more manageable as we can organize them carefully in large containers, whether for sea or air transport. With experience in moving drones, our specialist team can plan the right route for your load to ensure a smooth delivery. 

See how we can help with the transportation of drones.

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Segways Shipping

Our experienced specialists understand the requirements for the transportation of different segways and ensure the cargo is tracked and safely stored and transported. Working with our export packing team, we take the greatest care with every consignment to contain as many as you require.

Read more about our professional segways shipping service.

Cold Chain Shipping

With our cold storage warehousing, your goods can enjoy a variety of temperature-controlled spaces, whether they require cold, frozen, or chilled. We also offer refrigerated container and transportation solutions to ensure the pristine condition of your products during delivery.

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Industries We Serve

Airsupply accommodates the various needs of industries accross the world. Here are some of them for your reference.







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