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Airsupply is an expert in delivering premium freight forwarding services to Italy. With our array of shipping options for air, sea, or railways, it can cater to your specific budget and timeline needs. Our latest cargo tracking tech and comprehensive logistics services ensure that you get all support for your cargo freight.

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Air Freight Shipping from China to Italy

ASL gives air shipping services with flexibility and guaranteed capacity for your cargo delivery. Whether you require urgent air freight or a more cost-effective solution, we have the options you need to optimize your supply chain.

Ocean Shipping from China to Italy

ASL supports a diverse range of sea containers for your sea freight shipping needs, whether you require a full container load (FCL), less-than-container load (LCL), or any other type of container.

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Rail Shipping from China to Italy

ASL offers a prime rail freight operation connecting Asia and Europe. Our dedicated railways’ transport services for imports and exports provide one-stop visibility for your shipments. It can allow you to build a sustainable logistics strategy within your supply chain.

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