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Airsupply Environment Goals

Nowadays, environmental issues are the focus of our attention. Every activity we do daily leaves traces of our contribution to global warming. At Airsupply, we aim to minimize our ecological impact while providing carbon-neutral shipping solutions. Moreover, we have joined the UNFCCC CDM project and promise to balance climate with speed and cost for your logistics solutions.

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CDM is a United Nations-run carbon offset scheme. It aims to achieve sustainable development and brings important co-benefits like improved air quality and living conditions. As a CDM certificate owner, we maximize carbon neutrality in shipping to enhance business sustainability. Besides, our global carrier mainly uses clear energy transport to enable a greener logistics solution for our customers.

ASL Green Logistics Solutions

As one of the leading logistics companies in China, Airsupply takes great responsibility for the green transition. By handling 2,000 shipments per month with our green logistics services, we already contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in our day-to-day business.


But to safeguard our climate, we still should go further to improve sustainable green logistics. We offer solutions from supply chain optimization to emission compensation and eco-friendly fuel offerings. All of them are designed to reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint.

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How Does Airsupply Support You In Sustainable Logistics?

Eco-friendly Package Offering
Green Supply Chain Optimization
Sustainable Fuel Usage
Energy Saving Warehousing

Green supply Chain Optimization

Work with ASL experts to find ways to improve your supply chain and carbon footprint. Our intermodal transport options provide a cost-effective way to move goods by truck and rail. We can combine 300+ truck shipping with 50+ main railway freight routes for international trade.

Eco-friendly Package Offering

Airsupply supports environmentally packaged solutions that blend sustainability while upholding the best quality and protection. Our diverse options include recycled materials, biodegradable packaging, and reusable solutions, ensuring we cater to various eco-conscious needs.

Sustainable Fuel Usage

ASL leverages sustainable fuels produced from biomass, waste materials, or other organic matter. For instance, our trucks employ green fuels like bioethanol, hydrogen fuel, and more to reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Saving Warehousing

Airsupply 6700㎡ aims to achieve electricity neutrality by using solar panels, LED technology, and energy-efficient equipment. Our employees also bring up energy-saving awareness to minimize our carbon footprint.

Our Green Logisitcs Case Studies

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