Shipping to Southeast Asia

Optimize Your Supply Chain to Southeast Asia

Airsupply can assist in enhancing your supply chain when delivering to Southeast Asia. We offer one-stop logistics solutions from pick-up to warehousing fulfillment and transport via sea, air, or truck shipping.

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Shipping from China to the Philippines is always in high demand in the market. We specialize in building and breaking ULDs (Unit Load Devices) for your air cargo. Additionally, we offer fixed palletized shipping options to ensure the secure delivery of your shipments. Check the following services we offer to meet your specific requirements:


Airsupply can help you deliver various types of cargo when you ship from China to Singapore. We support Bulk Unitized Pallet options and cargo consolidation services to provide flexible loading methods. Our simple pricing structures and instant online quotes can help you optimize solutions. For your international shipping to Singapore with ease. Check below to get the details we offer:

shipping to singapore
shipping to malaysia


Airsupply offers bonded transfer services, reducing the time and costs related to customs clearance for shipping from China to Malaysia. We also support logistics insurance projects to ensure the secure movement of your cargo. For more highlight features, you can check below:


As Indonesian customs regulations have many restrictions, you should find a reliable partner to handle your international transport. With over 10 years of experience in shipping to Indonesia, Airsupply can assist you in smoothly navigating through customs clearance. We provide expert guidance to obtain proper shipping documents and packaging requirements. Below are some detailed services tailored to meet your shipping needs:

shipping to indonesia bali
shipping to vietnam


With over 650 cargo trailers and 580 containers, Airsupply is proficient in shipping from China to Vietnam. Additionally, it provides the latest E-lock systems to ensure security and GPS devices to keep you updated on the locations of your cargo. We also offer the following options:


Airsupply supports a cold chain network to assist you in expanding your eCommerce supply chain. We can handle oversize cargo, volume shipments, break bulk shipping, etc. Moreover, Airsupply has integrated with expert carriers, providing access to over 100 cargo ships, 200+ charter flights, and 250 lorries. It enables us to offer flexible intermodal shipping options, ensuring the direct delivery of your shipments to your door.

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International Shipping to Southeast Asia

In addition to the Southeast Asian countries mentioned above, we can also assist you in shipping to Brunei, Laos, and other destinations. With our expertise, reputable carriers, and advanced technology, we provide comprehensive support for worry-free international shipping.

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