Simplified Shipping for Various Drones

Airsupply can assist you in shipping a wide range of drones, including multirotor, fixed-wing, single-rotor drones, etc. Whether the drones are equipped with batteries, we can book the ideal carriers for you at competitive prices.

multirotor drone

Multirotor Drones

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Hybrid VTOL Drones

single rotor drones

Single-rotor Drones

fixed wing drones

Fixed-wing Drones

How We Make Drone Shipping Hassle-Free


Extensive Shipping Expertise

With our experience in handling over 50+ DG cargo per week, Airsupply is proficient in shipping policies for drones. We specialize in using proper UN packages and help you obtain essential documents, ensuring a smooth customs clearance.


One-stop Transportation

With our direct charter flights and guaranteed cargo space, you can customize shipping solutions based on your requirements. Moreover, we ensure quick departures within 1-2 days and provide compensation for shipping delays for specific shipments.


Reliable Insurance Solutions

As drones are high-value electronic cargo, the potential loss incurred in case of damage or theft can be substantial. For this, we offer comprehensive logistics insurance and will handle the claims process on your behalf, ensuring you minimize loss during shipping.


Full Visibility Management

Our real-time tracking system provides transparency of logistics, allowing you to track your cargo’s location 24/7. It also enables us to address the issues promptly arising during drone shipping and helps coordinate efficiently with our partners to ensure fast delivery.

Ship and Track Promptly. Raise Your Supply Chain.

Our drones experts are ready to help.

Bonded Transfer

Real-time Tracking System

Container GPS Device

Dedicated Package Team

Warehousing Fulfillment

Financial Support

Our Drones Shipping Case Studies

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drone in packing
air shipping to portugal
plane on landing strip waiting for load

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