sea cargo isf shipping

ISF (Importer Security Filing) Explained: Form & Requirements

When shipping goods from China to the USA, importers must understand the ISF process to ensure the timely transmission of …


What is FAK (Freight All Kinds) And How Does It Work?

FAK, or Freight All Kinds, is a pricing method that allows various types of freight to be shipped at a …


Proof of Delivery (POD): What Means, Form, and Template

In international logistics, POD shipping is a common term, often used as an abbreviation for Proof of Delivery or Port …

global shipping under fas

FAS Incoterms: Meaning and Usage

Free Alongside Ship (FAS) is among the standardized commercial terms used globally by businesses engaged in exports and imports. Explore …


What is the Telex Electronic Cargo Release/EDI Fee in Shipping?

When navigating the complex world of freight costs, the Telex Electronic Cargo Release/EDI Fee often stands out. Businesses engaged in …

air freight vs sea freight

Air Freight vs. Sea Freight: What’s Your Best Choice?

Air and sea freight offer distinct advantages and challenges, depending on the cargo type, quantity, specific needs, etc. Today’s article …

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