shipping to usa

China to US Shipping Time: Timeliness, Factors & Tips

When came to shipping from China to the USA, "How long does it take?" is one of the always-asked questions. Today's tutorial will break down China to US shipping time...
ldp shippping

What is LDP Shipping? Obligations, Pricing & Benefits

In the ever-expanding world of international trade, businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to shipping and logistics. Understanding different shipping methods and terms is vital for effectively managing cross-border...
air shipping to usa

Shipping from China to USA: Price, Time & Ways

When you import from China, an efficient shipping solution can help to ship your cargo to the United States or worldwide smoothly. Before you start shipping from China to USA,...
cfs container

What is CFS in Shipping? Functions and Charges

When it comes to international shipping, understanding industry-specific terms is crucial. One such term that frequently arises is CFS, also called Container Freight Station. If you're a newbie to international...
calculating floor load

Calculating Floor Load for Safe Shipping: Practice & Method

When it comes to shipping goods, calculating floor load is a critical aspect that ensures proper weight distribution and cargo safety. It is crucial to accurately determine the floor load...
fcl vs lcl

FCL VS LCL: What the difference and factors to consider

Full Container Load (FCL) vs. Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping is a widespread freight mode during cargo importing and exporting. This page will clarify the difference between LCL and...

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