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man wearing orange protective suit looking over a cargo lift

EX Works Incoterm: What EXW Means and Responsibilities

Table of Contents What are ex-works in shipping terms (EXW)? What are the advantages of ex-works shipping terms? What are …

several cargo containers and a plane flying overhead

What is Customs Entry? Types And Differences

An import declaration made for the purpose of obtaining customs clearance by the importer or a customs broker authorized to …

four white trucks and a large cargo ship at the background

What are Shipping Terms: Meaning And Glossary

Incoterms differentiate transaction costs and liabilities between buyers and sellers and reflect the most advanced shipping practices. Incoterms deal with …

cert of origin form

What is A Certificate of Origin? Form and How to get

In international trade transactions, a Certificate of Origin, or CO, is a document issued by the exporter and is the …

man checking cargo manifest online through his laptop

DDP VS DDU: What The Difference & Which choose?

First, let’s take a look at the origin stories of these terms. DDP and DDU come from standardized shipping rules, …

cargo vessel assisted with a smaller boat ready to sail

Sea Freight From China to USA: Pricing and Timeliness

Sea shipping is a method of transporting large quantities of products via cargo ships. Goods are packed into containers and these …

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