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calculating floor load

Calculating Floor Load for Safe Shipping: Practice & Method

When it comes to shipping goods, calculating floor load is a critical aspect that ensures proper weight distribution and cargo …

fcl vs lcl

FCL VS LCL: What the difference and factors to consider

Full Container Load (FCL) vs. Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping is a widespread freight mode during cargo importing and …

cargo weight

Cargo Weight: Tare Weight Vs Gross Weight VS Net Weight

When it comes to the cargo weight, it is not the easy thing you think. But not complex. Whether choosing …

who pay demurrage charge

Demurrage Charges: Who pays & How to Avoid?

Sometimes, you may receive some unexpected bills during container shipping. One of these is the demurrage charge which can increase …

customs clearance fee

How to Calculate Custom Clearance Charges? FedEx, DHL, and Package

Custom clearance is the most important process to exceed cargo shipping in international shipping. Sometimes, the shipper will hire a …

chassis split

What Is A Chassis Split? How It Charges And Avoids

When transporting a container, there may require extra handling activities to pick up and deliver. One of these processes is …

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