b2b shipping

What Is B2B Shipping And How Does It Work?

In the market of those businesses selling goods to other enterprises, B2B shipping is critical to the supply chains. As …

floor loading vs palletize

Floor Loading VS Palletizing: Which Is Best For You?

Floor loading vs. palletizing is two prime methods of loading and unloading goods for transportation. The choice between them depends …


FCA vs FOB : What Is The Difference Between Them?

The FCA and FOB are common incoterms in international shipping. When referring to these incoterms, you will find differences between …

ocean freight caculator

The Ocean Freight Cost: How to Calculate & Sea Charges List

Sea freight is the most common shipping method for exporters, but they don’t know how the sea freight is calculated. …

intermodal shipping

What Is Intermodal Transportation? Benefits And Process

When choosing the cargo shipping solution, a shipper aims to strike a balance between competitive prices with the best freight …

fca incoterm

What is FCA? Who Pays for FCA Shipping?

Importing and exporting cargo is happening daily, but it always creates some confusion. It is difficult to divide who’s responsible …

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