cargo ship moving on the sea carrying several storage containers

How Do Shipping Vape Products Internationally?

The electronic cigarette is a kind of atomizer powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to heat the electronic liquid in the atomized oil tank. The electronic cigarette does not...
man wearing orange protective suit looking over a cargo lift

EX Works Incoterm: What EXW Means and Responsibilities

Table of ContentsWhat are ex-works in shipping terms (EXW)?What are the advantages of ex-works shipping terms?What are the disadvantages of ex-works shipping terms?What is the Difference Between Free-on-Board and Ex...
several cargo containers and a plane flying overhead

What is Customs Entry? Types And Differences

An import declaration made for the purpose of obtaining customs clearance by the importer or a customs broker authorized to represent the importer.Depending on the country and the product, additional...
four white trucks and a large cargo ship at the background

What are Shipping Terms: Meaning And Glossary

Incoterms differentiate transaction costs and liabilities between buyers and sellers and reflect the most advanced shipping practices.Incoterms deal with issues related to the delivery of products from the seller to...
cert of origin form

What is A Certificate of Origin? Form and How to get

In international trade transactions, a Certificate of Origin, or CO, is a document issued by the exporter and is the authentication that a product was manufactured in a certain country....
port loading cargo freights to cargo ships for shipping

List of Major Ports in China

In the globalization of economic development, the development of economic exchanges between countries and regions must rely on shipping, shipping and other means of transportation to complete economic relations. In...

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