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aerial shot of a train yard with several train pieces

What is Customs Cleared Meaning? The Process and Documents You Need to Know

Customs clearance is the most important step in the transportation of goods and it is also a headache for many …

a plane, train, and container shipyard depicting freight forwarding options

What Is Freight Forwarder And How to Find 2023?

Freight forwarders are significant in the import and export of goods. In this guide, we will discuss their role in …

cargo trucks, ships, and planes with a globe on the foreground

Shipping from China to UK: Ultimate Guide

With the development of the UK economy, it is common thing that export cargo to the UK. Exporting cargo to …

sydney opera house during the day

Shipping from China to Australia: Method, Costs, Time

Shipping from China to Australia is not simple as shipping domestically. There are many steps when export Australia, such as …

container yard with cranes and tons of storage containers

Customs Broker: Meaning, Service and Charge

More and more companies start to expand their business by exporting cargo. Importers rely on the customs broker to integrate …

man write cargo insurance

What is Cargo Liability Insurance? Type and Pros

When exporting cargo involves safety issues, cargo insurance is usually used. Many people don’t know why to use cargo insurance …

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