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Shipping From China to UK: Five Routes And Prices

Are you preparing to ship cargo from China to UK? I promise you will get the valuable information in this guide.

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How to ship from China to UK?

Air freight from China to UK

If you are transporting high-value and urgent cargo, shipping goods by air is the best choice, because the goods can reach the destination port within a week. And you can enjoy the best service like DDU, DDP, and door-to-door, some professional freight forwarders can help you finish customs clearance in China and UK.

But air freight cost is most expensive than other shipping methods. And shipping cargo by air is easily influenced by the weather. In the event of a storm or other weather, the plane has to cancel the flight. The goods will not arrive on time.

Sea freight from China to the UK

Actually, if the cargo is not urgent, your shipping budget isn’t much. Transporting goods by ocean is the most economical shipping option because it only takes a month to ship the goods from China to the UK. Transporting from China to the UK by sea includes FCL and LCL.

What kind of goods can choose to go by sea? Heavier cargo or container cargo like tires, plastics, etc. In addition, sensitive commodities such as food and cosmetics can be shipped by sea. In short, it is recommended to ship some goods that are not in a hurry.

Delivery from China to the UK

What do you need to know about sending packages from China to the UK? There are four courier services: DHL, FedEx, UPS, and royal mail from China to the UK. Small items or samples can be delivered by express. If your cargo is bulky or heavy, you would better choose other shipping methods.

Express from China to the UK in 3-5 days. But the time limit varies according to the delivery method and destination country and is also affected by factors such as weather.

Road freight from China to the UK

Road transport generally refers to vehicle transport. In areas with rugged terrain, sparsely populated areas, underdeveloped railways and waterways, and economically backward areas, roads are the main mode of transportation.

It will take about 14-20 days, faster than rail and ocean freight and more affordable than air freight.

Rail freight from China to the UK

Railway transportation is more suitable for large-volume, long-distance goods. The shipping price is cheaper; logistics timeliness is stable. It will take 15-18 days to ship cargo from China to the UK by rail.

The UK is geographically located in Western Europe and is separated from the European plate. The international railway transportation service from China to the UK ends in Germany, and it is necessary to transport FCL or LCL cargo to the UK and then use trucks from Germany to transfer to various parts of the UK.

If you want to ship cargo by rail, finding the best freight forwarder is a smart choice.

Shipping cost from China to the UK

The freight from China to the UK includes a lot of costs, such as local costs, operating costs and customs clearance fees, etc. Below we introduce port-to-port freight.

Air freight shipping cost from China to the UK per kg

How to calculate the air freight costs from China to the UK? The air shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the cargo, the distance between POD and destination.

The weight of the goods is divided into two aspects: volume weight and gross weight. The actual billable weight is the one with the largest weight compared to the volume weight and gross weight.

Actually, air freight prices may fluctuate due to weather, holidays, and other conditions and air freight prices may be different every day. For example, when the country holds a major meeting, the conference center may be limited in the number of goods transported, and the goods can only be transported from other cities, which may result in insufficient storage space and soaring prices.

The price on the table is only a reference price and is not time-sensitive.

Urgent Shipping$6.7$6.4$6.4$6.2
General Shipping$5.8$5.5$5.5$5.4

Tips: The price on the table is only a reference price and is not time-sensitive.

Sea freight rates from China to UK

Ocean Freight FCL

FCL (Full Container Load) means one container capacity, only available to one customer, either 20’ or 40’ long. Compared with LCL, FCL saves a lot of transportation time and does not need to wait for other guests’ goods to be packed.

The price of FCL may fluctuate due to holidays, the following prices are only reference prices, and the latest price needs to be quoted by a professional freight forwarder.

Ocean Freight LCL

LCL (Less than Container Load) refers to those goods in small quantities that are not suitable for taking the whole container. When LCL goods are imported, the customs clearance speed is slower than that of FCL goods due to the need for distribution!

Include tax$1.7$1.5$1.5$1.4
Normal price$1.2$0.96$0.96$0.89

Tips: The price on the table is only a reference price and is not time-sensitive.

Is it expensive for FCL or LCL? The cost depends on the actual situation because the calculation methods of the two are different. The LCL fee also includes the export port terminal warehouse, container tally and the destination port terminal warehouse unloading and unloading, and storage fees, etc. FCL does not include these fees.

This fee needs to consult a professional freight forwarder according to the quantity and type of the goods. ASL has 10+ shipping experience and can give you professional advice and the best price. At present, the price fluctuates greatly. If you hesitate, you may miss the best price. Click the button below to get a free quote.

Rail freight costs from China to UK

There are two methods for calculating the transportation cost of railway container cargo, one is the conventional calculation method, which is composed of other miscellaneous charges such as freight and miscellaneous fees, and the other is the calculation method of the container price. They are as follows:

Freight rate per container = Basic price per ton of cargo+ shipping price per ton* Kilometers to be transported.

Include tax$2.7$2.5$2.5$2.1
Normal price$2.1$1.7$1.7$1.5

Tips: The price on the table is only a reference price and is not time-sensitive.

Road price from China to UK

FTL (Full Truck Loading) and LTL(Less Truck Loading) are the main methods of shipping from China to the UK by road.

FTL shipping from China to the UK: FTL means you have to pay for the entire portion of the trucking. Even if your cargo is less than a full truckload, you have to pay for the full truckload.

LTL shipping from China to the UK: LTL means you don’t have to pay for the entire portion of the trucking. You pay as much freight as you use the space in the truck bed, and the shipping cost is very cost-effective.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, prices fluctuate at any time. The prices provided below are only reference prices and are not time-sensitive. If you need to get the latest prices, please feel free to consult us!

Price$3.2 $2.8$2.8$2.3

Tips: The price on the table is only a reference price and is not time-sensitive.

Delivery cost from China to UK   

How much does it cost to ship goods from China to the UK? How to choose the four major international express? According to international express regulations, international packages need to compare the size of the volume weight and the actual weight and choose the one with the larger weight to calculate the freight.

Volume calculation method: Length × Width × Height (CMB) ÷ 5000 = Volume Weight (kg).

EMS shipping from China to the UK: Regardless of volume and weight, no remote surcharges and fuel costs, but the timeliness is poor. EMS adopts superposition charges. Since the first weight is more expensive, the price advantage is more obvious if your cargo is heavy.

FedEx shipping from China to the UK: A local logistics company in the United States, with good delivery timeliness and logistics services. If the weight of the goods exceeds 21g, the price advantage is more obvious, but not as good as UPS.

DHL  shipping from China to the UK: The price is better than other shipping methods when shipping goods under 20kg to Europe and North America.

UPS shipping from China to the UK: If the weight of the transported goods exceeds 23kg, it has a price advantage when arriving in the UK. It is suitable for shipping large goods, and UPS can also provide door-to-door service.

The charging standards of different logistics are different, and different discounts can be enjoyed according to different agency authorities. ASL is a professional first-level agent of the four major express delivery companies. It is 70-20% lower than the price of the third-party agency counterparts. The price advantage is obvious. We have rich logistics experience and provide free inquiries and the best service.

Shipping time from China to UK

When transporting goods to the UK, everyone is most concerned about price and timeliness. In order to ensure that the goods arrive in the hands of customers on time, due to the choice of different airlines and routes, the transportation time is somewhat different, so we have sorted out the reference time of several transportation methods from China to the United Kingdom.

Shipping MethodsShipping Time
Air freight1-5 days
Ocean freight20-30 days
Rail15-18 days
FedEx1-7 days
EMS5-12 days
DHL3-7 days
UPS3-5 days

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA UK

There are two ways of shipping from China to Amazon UK warehouses: air and sea. Choose different ways, the transportation cost is also different. In addition, you can choose seller-fulfilled or use FBA , and if you store the goods in Amazon warehouses, you will need to pay the VAT. In the UK, VAT varies for different types of products, but for most products, it is 20%.


1. The issue of customs clearance. The customs clearance process directly affects the speed of the goods to the consignee. Amazon FBA is not responsible for customs clearance. Therefore, the seller should choose a courier company that can clear customs quickly and handles customs clearance and tax payment.

2. FDA certification: Amazon has restrictions on the sale of goods. If there are eye drops, lipsticks, and other products exported to the UK, FDA is also required.

3. Packaging should be standardized: product packaging must comply with Amazon’s regulations, such as liquids must be sealed, and textiles cannot be packaged in simple packaging.

Labeling should be correct: indicate the type and size of the product.

Find the best freight forwarder from China to the UK

Possess excellent quality: have a sense of responsibility, be responsible to customers, and encounter all kinds of extra accidents during transportation, which is unavoidable, but an excellent freight forwarder will take the initiative to assume such responsibilities and help customers solve problems during transportation. Secondly, we must treat customers sincerely and not arbitrarily charge miscellaneous fees.

Super serviceability: Remote control capability, whether the freight forwarder can clear customs in a short time if the goods are detained or returned by the customs, whether the freight forwarder can solve the problem in time. If there is a problem in a certain link, a professional freight forwarder has a strong ability to solve the problem.

Complete query system: When the goods are being delivered, the logistics details of the goods, and the POD signed by the Amazon FBA warehousing, are the main concerns of the shipper. Then the tracking number and the update of the tracking are also the basic guarantees for the timeliness and safety of the goods by the freight forwarding company. It is also a reflection of the professionalism of the inspection of freight forwarding.

Airsupply is a freight forwarding company with 10+ transportation experience. Our air freight business is the best among Chinese freight forwarding companies. Meanwhile, our service scope also involves sea and land transportation and so on.

Click the link below to provide the basic information about the goods, consult with our professional freight forwarder, we will reply to you in time within 30 minutes. Are you ready to ship from China to UK?

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