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How to Ship Cargo from China to the Germany?

What do you need to know about shipping to Germany? In the following articles, we provide detailed content to answer your doubts and make the right choice.

Air Freight from China to Germany

Many e-commerce companies choose to export to Germany by air because it has the advantages of speed, safety, and punctuality compared with sea freight and rail. But it is more expensive. Due to this shipping characteristic, it is strongly recommended for urgent and high-value cargo.

China to Germany flight time

In addition to price, shipping time is also a top concern for exporters. It will take cargo to anywhere in Germany within one week. The plane flies non-stop and arrives on the same day. But if the airplane takes off from Hong Kong, passes through Istanbul, and finally arrives at Dusseldorf Airport, Germany. It will spend around 3-8 days. The freight routes of planes are different, the time has difference slightly.

With different airlines and departure times, the air shipping time has a difference. Below is the time it takes to reach Germany from different airports and it is just a reference. The specific time depends on the specific situation.

HKGCGN18 Hours
HKGFRA13 hours
PVGFRA12 hours
SZXFRA15 hours

Air cargo shipping cost from China to Germany per kg

The air transportation price consists of many parts, local fees, transportation fees, customs clearance fees and value-added tax, etc. The one who pays for these costs depends on the transportation agreement signed by the exporter and the importer. The responsibilities of the two parties are also different depending on the type of agreement.

The air freight shipping price is calculated by cargo weight. The billing cargo weight has two options, the actual weight or the volume weight. And the final billing weight is the bigger between them.

The actual weight of the cargo is subject to airport measurement.

The volume weight is the special way to calculate weight for freight forwarders. It is calculated through the cargo volume. And it is commonly used for calculating light cargo. Its calculation formula is L*W*H /6000.

The cargo price is also related to the type of goods. Shipping ordinary or sensitive goods have different calculation standards.

If you are transporting ordinary goods, you can refer to the following prices:


If you are transporting sensitive goods, you can refer to the following prices:


Rail freight from China to Germany

For many years, Germany has been the primary destination of the China-Europe railway in Europe. Start with Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, and Chongqing in China to Munich, Duisburg, Hamburg, and Duisburg in Germany. It will take up to around 15 days.

Introducing two rail routes shipping from China to Germany

1. Zhengzhou – Almaty – Maravich – Munich – Hamburg

2. Chengdu-Urumqi –Alashankou-Moscow-Lodz -Hamburg

It is a complement to air and sea. Compare with the long-duration ocean shipping and expensive airfreight. Its transport characteristics meet people’s requirements greater extent.

Rail transport has three options according to the cargo volume, FCL, LCL, and container.

Rail freight FCL

FCL is suitable for transporting goods with large volumes. It is used for delivering shippers’ cargo is more than 3 tons. Or the cargo is less than 3 tons, but its volume is bigger and needs to be shipped by FCL.

Rail freight LCL

The LCL is ideal for transporting small goods that cannot fill up a train. The cargo will be arranged to ship with other shippers’ cargo in one train. And the cargo cannot be less than 0.02 CBM; each batch shall not exceed 300 pieces.

LCL price is calculated by KG. The price below is shipping to the Germany by DDP, just reference for you.


More elements are influencing the price, so the price is changing every week. You can contact us to get the latest price information.

Rail freight container

The shippers’ goods are loaded into the container that is shipped to Germany by rail freight. According to the container type, it was divided into 1-ton container, 5-ton container, 6-ton container, 10-ton container, 20-foot container, and 40-foot container.

Sea freight China to Germany

Sea freight is the preferred mode of transportation for most exporters. It is affordable but slow, it will spend around 30 days to the Germany. If the port is congested, it will take more time. You can choose FCL or LCL according to the cargo volume.

Ocean Freight FCL

FCL means that a container belongs to only one shipper. If your cargo has a high volume, it is highly recommended to choose the FCL. Container types are 20’ and 40’ long. As far as we know, the FCL is calculated by one container. The per-container price is different for different origins and destinations. Due to the price for FCL floating every week, the following price below is a reference only.


If requesting a quote, be sure to provide product information, weight, product name and type of shipping agreement. The price of the container varies, so consult a professional freight forwarder for the specific price.

Ocean Freight LCL

LCL is one container that can hold a variety of shippers’ cargo; it is used for shipping small cargo. The cargo volume is less than 15 CBM or the cargo weight is less than 8 tons generally considered to be bulk cargo. It is highly recommended that shipping is by LCL if the cargo meets these two conditions. The LCL price is calculated by cargo volume. But if you use the DDP or DDU, the price will be calculated by KG.

Since prices are changing due to factors such as the market, holidays, and weather, the following prices are not the latest but are just reference prices.


How long does it take from China to the Germany?

The three main sea ports in Germany are Hamburg, Bremerhaven, and Wilhelmshaven. Shipping goods from China to Germany takes a month. But from different China ports to Germany ports, the time is different. As follows:


Counter service shipping China to Germany

If you want to ship your products to Germany by express, it is important to know what express is available. What’s the difference between them? Let’s take a look next.


The delivery time is 5-10 days, and sensitive items such as e-cigarettes and powders cannot be sent, only ordinary goods can be sent.


All over the world, DHL can transport sensitive items with electricity, the price is a little more expensive than other couriers, but the service is very good.


If you want to transport sensitive items such as electronic cigarettes to Germany, EMS is recommended for customs clearance services. The price is also the lowest, but the timeliness is unstable. The normal aging time is 7-15 days, and the slower one is about 20 days. In the process of transportation, the problem of damaged goods is prone to occur.


TNT can ship general goods, as well as sensitive goods such as batteries, powders and adult products. And TNT is cheaper than DHL, and it is the first choice for sending items from China to Germany.

FBA shipping from China to Germany

More and more people are accustomed to shopping online, and platforms like Amazon and Shopee are common shopping platforms. There are three shipping methods for shipping to Amazon warehouse, air, sea, and international express. If you have high requirements for transportation time, you can choose air or international express. If the purpose is to save costs, sea freight is a good choice.

What should I know when shipping to the Amazon warehouse in Germany?

1. Prepare the packing list, invoice, and declaration elements; the packaging of the product must meet the requirements of Amazon, and confirm whether the weight and volume of the goods are consistent with the freight forwarder.

2. After the goods are sent out, you can check the trace of the goods through the tracking page.

3. Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance. It is recommended that sellers confirm the taxpayer and pay in advance to avoid the goods being stranded.

Airsupply- freight forwarder to Germany

Choosing the right freight forwarder avoids a lot of transportation risks and costs. What services are mainly provided by China freight forwarders?  How to judge whether the agent is trustworthy? You need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The low price does not mean a good freight forwarder. The price is determined by the laws of the market, and violating the laws of the market price requires a lot of risks. It is normal for the price of the freight forwarder to be different, but if there is a freight forwarder whose get price is particularly low, you need to be cautious and find out why the price is so low.

2. Different cargo types and destinations have different operation processes. There are many matters needing attention in transportation. A professional freight forwarder will remind the documents that you need to be prepared, etc., instead of directly promising you that they can do it, but after delivery, you can’t be contacted them.

Airsupply is such a freight forwarder company. We provide a range of logistics and shipping services with high efficiency and gives a reasonable rate. Our tactical services including:

1. Air, sea, rail and express service.

2. Competitive shipping price.

3. Shipping cargo to the Amazon FBA.

4. Dangerous and sensitive cargo.

5. Exclusive Charter Service.

6. DDU, DDP, FCA and EXW, etc.

Contact us through the button below as far as possible.

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