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China to UAE Shipping Solution: Boost Your Business

In the ever-expanding global marketplace, shipping from China to UAE has become a vital aspect of international trade. However, many suppliers or manufacturers may lack comprehensive knowledge of various freight methods, often resulting in excessive shipping fees.

To eliminate this concern, we have provided details on primary shipping options from China to the UAE in today’s tutorial. Therefore, you can calculate expenses independently, evaluate the feasibility of importing a product, and identify the most economical logistics solution.

Door-to-door shipping from China to UAE 

Sometimes, you may encounter challenges at the destination, such as the inability to deal with intricate customs clearance processes. In such situations, Airsupply provides a one-stop door-to-door (DDP) shipping service. It means we will manage all shipping and customs procedures on your behalf.

Our DDP service encompasses air and sea door-to-door delivery options, facilitating the seamless transportation of cargo from China to the UAE. We oversee every step of the shipping process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the origin to the final destination, which includes:

  • Cargo pickup
  • Cross-border shipment
  • Customs clearance in both China and the destination
  • Timely and secure delivery to your private location

DDP air freight

The shipping time for a door-to-door air shipment from China to UAE can vary based on the distance, the size and weight of the shipment, the shipping service provider, etc. But generally speaking, when using this method, the China to UAE shipping time for successful delivery will be 7-10 days.

For instance, DDP Dubai’s price covers air freight costs, customs clearance fees in China and the UAE, and the final delivery. It’s a convenient solution for your shipping needs.
For more detailed data on shipping costs from China to Dubai in this mode, please refer to the chart below:

POLPODDDPTransit time
ShenzhenDubai$3.84/kg6-8 Days
ShenzhenAbu Dhabi$4.15/kg7-9 Days

Please note that the above shipping prices are only for general cargo types. For the latest prices or quotes for shipping to other cities beyond Dubai in the UAE, contact our logistics experts! We are here to provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.

DDP sea freight 

Same as DDP air shipping, our door-to-door sea freight can cover every aspect of your shipping needs from start to finish.

We simplify the shipping process by guiding all the necessary documentation for customs clearance between China and UAE, followed by a convenient delivery to any location.

When using DDP sea shipping, you can typically expect a transit time of around 25 days from major Chinese ports like Shanghai and Shenzhen to the Jebel Ali port in Dubai. 

After arriving at the port, it usually takes an additional week to move your goods directly to your doorstep.

For a reference point, let’s take Dubai as an example to provide you with an idea of the average DDP sea shipping cost from China:

POLPODDDPTransit time
ShenzhenDubai$76.89/CBM30 Days
ShenzhenAbu Dhabi$76.89/CBM34 Days

Pay attention to the mentioned price for reference purposes only. For precise shipping quotations, whether to Dubai or any other area, consult our shipping experts now.

Regardless of the type of cargo you’re shipping, we’re here to help ship from China to the UAE doorstep, such as general cargo, copies, liquids, cosmetics, batteries, magnets, and more. All this will be done after customs clearance and the payment of necessary duties, with no hidden or extra charges.

Sea freight from China to UAE

Sea freight is the most prevalent transportation method, primarily due to its cheap shipping rate and versatility. It can accommodate a wide range of cargo types that might not be suitable for other shipping modes.

Generally, sea shipping manifests in various forms. For general container shipping, two service types are available: FCL and LCL.

FCL, or Full Container Load, entails an entire container to accommodate your goods exclusively, while LCL shipping involves consolidating your cargo with shipments from other parties.

In addition to these options, there are also specialized containers like flat racks and open-top ones for transporting oversized cargo. In the case of substantial projects, we will use bulk cargo ships and RO-RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessels.

If cost-saving is your primary objective, and shipping time is not a critical factor for your supply chain, sea freight should be your preferred choice. Typically, the sea shipping from China to UAE, by port-to-port, spans approximately 25-30 days.

Sea freight cost from China to UAE(Dubai)

Dubai’s seaports serve as international and regional economic hubs, fostering diversification. Therefore, we provide ocean freight services shipping from all China maritime ports to Jebel Ali (AEJA) and other major Emirati maritime ports, including Sharjah port and Ajman.

LCL sea freight charges from China to Dubai

POLPODUSD/CBMShipping time
ShenzhenJebel Ali$1028 Days
ShenzhenSharjah$1028 Days

Container shipping rates from China to Dubai

POLPOD20’ container40’ containerDelivery time
ShenzhenJebel Ali$1300$170024 Days
ShanghaiJebel Ali$1350$150026 Days

Please note that the provided charges are only for general cargo shipments from port to port. To get the latest shipping prices beyond Dubai, contact our logistics expert.

Air freight from China to UAE

Instead of the typical 25-30 days required for sea shipping, air cargo can cover the distance in just three days, connecting the two nations swiftly.

Air freight, despite its efficiency, shares similarities with traditional ocean freight regarding import and export procedures. It includes the following essential steps:

  1. Local logistics in China and processing of export documents
  2. Air shipping from Chinese airports or Hong Kong airports to Dubai/Abu Dhabi airports
  3. Local handling in the UAE, such as customs clearance, product pickup, and other related procedures upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates.
You can check this article for a detailed air freight process.

Air freight is particularly well-suited for shipping high-value, time-sensitive items, such as electronics, fashion products, and pharmaceuticals. However, it may not be the most practical choice for oversized or heavy cargo.

Typically, when the total weight of goods falls within 100-500 kg, opting for air freight from China to the UAE can be a cost-effective and efficient choice.

Shipping cost from China to UAE by air

When air shipping from China to UAE, deciding if you want goods delivered to your destination airport or directly to your doorstep is significant.

At times, some freight forwarders or suppliers may quote costs only from a Chinese airport to your destination to attract you, excluding local transport, customs fees, fuel surcharges, and terminal handling fees.

At Airsupply, we are committed to providing a transparent pricing structure that eliminates hidden costs. For a clearer understanding of the average China to Dubai shipping cost by air, please refer to the following table:

POLPOD100kg300kg500kgShipping time
ShenzhenDubai$4.9/kg$4.9/kg$4.5/kg2-3 Days

Please notice that these prices are only for port-to-port and may fluctuate weekly. To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing in the UAE, please reach out to our ASL team.

In addition, the shipping Incoterm you select plays a vital role in determining the shipping cost from China to the UAE. For example:

Under the FOB (Free On Board) term, the cost breakdown would be as follows:

  1. Cost for air shipping from the Chinese airport to Dubai or Abu Dhabi airport
  2. UAE customs clearance expenses
  3. Local logistics costs in the UAE

Conversely, if you choose the EXW (Ex Works) Incoterm, the cost components will be as follows:

  1. Local logistics costs in China
  2. China export-related expenses
  3. Cost of air shipping from the origin airport in China to the destination airport in the UAE
  4. Customs clearance costs in the UAE
  5. Local logistics costs in the UAE

As you can see, the air freight costs will change case by case, while additional charges may apply. To clarify the specific shipping cost, you can check with our shipping agent.

china to uae shipping

Customs process in UAE

When shipping goods into the UAE, the initial step involves acquiring a customs HS code for your specific product. This code is essential for accurately calculating the customs duties and taxes on your shipment.

Upon your cargo arrives in UAE, settle the duties and taxes(VAT) you should pay.

If you intend to ship commercial cargo from China to UAE, an import license from the UAE Ministry of Economy is mandatory, and you can obtain it through the ministry’s official website.

Once you have secured the necessary import license, the subsequent step is to submit a comprehensive customs declaration.

This declaration should include the following information:

  • The value of your cargo
  • The origin country of your goods
  • The HS code corresponding to your goods
  • The name and address of the manufacturer
  • The designated entry port into the UAE
  • The precise quantity and specifications of your goods
  • The name and address of the exporter, originating from China
  • The name and address of the carrier for transporting your goods
  • The name and address of the importer receiving the goods in the UAE

After submission of your declaration, UAE Customs will issue a permit for your cargo. Furthermore, it’s important to emphasize that according to UAE customs regulations, all shipments must undergo clearance within a 48-hour of arrival.

Prohibited items in the United Arab Emirates

Before importing from China to the UAE, you should verify whether your products fall within the list of prohibited items.

In such instances, we recommend consulting our expert team, who can confirm the legality of your shipped items.

Certain commodities, such as animals, medications, and agricultural products, may only be imported following the relevant permits.

Furthermore, some items are strictly prohibited by UAE customs, including:

  • Unauthorized content
  • Gaming apparatus for gambling
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Products linked to occult practices, witchcraft, or sorcery
  • Regulated or recreational drugs and illicit substances
  • Publications and artwork that oppose or contest Islamic teachings and principles

Required documents for China to UAE shipping

The customs clearance process is essential for ensuring the smooth transition of your shipment through UAE customs. To accomplish it, several crucial documents are needed, including:

  • A commercial invoice
  • A packing list
  • A certificate of origin
  • A bill of lading (for sea shipments) or an air waybill (for air cargo)

Additional documentation may be necessary, contingent on the nature of the imported goods. These supplementary documents might contain a sanitary and phytosanitary certificate for food products, a license for controlled commodities, or an import permit.

You can send your cargo details to ASL experts and obtain the critical documentation lists for seamless transportation.

Customs duties and taxes in UAE

The UAE typically adheres to a policy of low taxation or tax-free status on numerous items. For instance, if you’re importing goods valued at less than Dhs 1000, you won’t be required to pay any duty or tax.

But, it is still crucial to know the specific rates and taxes. Here’s a breakdown of customs duties and taxes in the UAE:

Import duty: 

The UAE has a standard import duty rate of 5% for most goods. However, items like medicines, medical equipment, and books can be exempt from this.

Value-added tax (VAT): 

In the UAE, a standard VAT rate of 5% is applied to the majority of goods and services. For instance, if you import electronic products with a total customs value of $10,000, a 5% VAT, which equals $500, would be levied.

Excise tax: 

Specific products such as tobacco, energy drinks, and carbonated beverages will charge these taxes. For example, if you import cigarettes valued at $2,000, subject to 50%, the total excise tax would be $1,000.

One thing to note is that tariffs are calculated based on the sum of product price, shipping costs, and insurance(if applicable). Therefore, when computing customs duties and taxes, you should include these costs along with the cost of your product.

Apart from that, you may also need to pay additional import fees, such as port handling fees or inspection charges. To free from this complexity, you can request our shipping expert to process the customs on your behalf.

Airsupply - Best freight forwarder China to UAE

Airsupply, with its years of experience in global logistics, is your trusted partner for reliable and efficient shipping from China to UAE. We have partnered with the best airlines and sea shipping lines in China, ensuring the highest quality transportation at competitive prices.

When you entrust your cargo to us, you can gain access to a host of advantages:

  • Swift and transparent online quotes:We will quote for you by providing clear and easy-to-understand pricing information.
  • Expert handling of IMO or Hazmat Dangerous cargo:We specialize in the safe and professional transportation of hazardous materials and sensitive goods, complying with all regulations.
  • Seamless shipping to Amazon FBA in Dubai:We offer a hassle-free solution for shipping your products directly to Amazon FBA centers in Dubai, streamlining your e-commerce operations.
  • Documentation support:Our dedicated team assists you in completing and filing the necessary shipping documents, reducing the administrative burden on your end.
  • Simplified customs procedures:Airsupply takes care of most customs requirements on your behalf, minimizing complexity and ensuring a smoother transit through UAE customs.
  • 24/7 customer support:Our customer support team is available round the clock via email, phone, or chat to address your inquiries and concerns promptly.
  • Full compliance with shipping regulations: Rest easy knowing that your shipments are handled in full accordance with both local and international shipping rules, ensuring a trouble-free process.

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