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Aug 26,2022

How Do Shipping Vape Products Internationally?

The electronic cigarette is a kind of atomizer powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to heat the electronic liquid in the atomized oil tank. The electronic cigarette does not need to be burned, but only produces "vapor" without tar and carbon monoxide, which makes some medical circles. 


Key Points:


1. What are vape products?

2. How to ship vape products to the USA?

3. How to clear customs for sensitive substances?

4. What to pay attention to when transporting sensitive substances?

5. Why ASL can help you transport Vape products better to various countries?



What are vape products?


Some people believe that it is a potential nicotine substitute, and in theory, it can also reduce the impact of some traditional cigarettes on the body and the possibility of fires. The burning of traditional cigarettes at high temperatures produces tar, which adheres to the alveoli and is the culprit of the disease. Electronic cigarettes are atomized and do not produce tar, which has the potential to reduce harm.6 Types of electronic cigarettes:


Type #1: Disposable One Piece Electronic Cigarettes

These types of electronic cigarettes are also known as minis. Disposable one-pieces are so considered since the entire device can be thrown away after use.


international transportation of electronic cigarettes


Type #2: Rechargeable Cigalikes Electronic Cigarettes

The cartomizer is an atomizer with a cartridge. It is screwed to the battery for easy handling. This mechanism increases the vapor and flavor quality, but it is still a low-range option. Cigalikes let you smoke indoors without bothering anyone. It is 95% healthier than traditional cigarettes.


international transportation of electronic cigarettes


Type #3: Vape Pods

Vape pods produce higher voltage than cigalikes, making them more satisfying. Their downside, however, is that they use a small battery that doesn’t last long.


international transportation of electronic cigarettes


Type #4: Standard e-cigarette or vape pen

This is a three-piece device that features a powerful battery, removable atomizers, and a tank to hold the e-liquid. Its size ranges between that of a cigar and a fine writing pen. The atomizer on vape pens can fit various types of vaping. 


international transportation of electronic cigarettes


Type #5: Box or Vape Mods

A vaper’s needs can be met by the pod, vape pens, or e-cigs. However, some still crave a more potent vape; this is where the vape mods come in. Originally known as an advanced personal vaporizers, today, they are referred to as box mods. They are the go-to choice for those looking for the ultimate vape experience and feature different designs and sizes. Some look like a small boxes, while others resemble large cylinders.


international transportation of electronic cigarettes


Type #6: Squonk Mods

Due to the popularity of dripping, squonk mods are highly famous. Dripping is a modern form of vaping. It uses a bottom-fed rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). The RDA is hollowed out to allow the e-liquid to pass through and into the bottom of the tank. It features cotton that runs through the coil and into the tank.


international transportation of electronic cigarettes


How to ship vape products to the USA?


The international transportation of electronic cigarettes is also divided into two situations, one is with e-liquid, and the other is without e-liquid. It is relatively simple to send e-cigarettes without e-liquid to European and American countries.


International express such as DHL and UPS can also undertake transportation. There are also air-delivery channels that can also be sent out with double-clearing tax, but the price is more expensive. If it is an electronic cigarette with e-liquid, then it can only go through the Hong Kong EMS channel.


Of course, there are also many special line logistics and freight forwarders that provide the transportation of electronic cigarettes. There are special lines for sensitive goods, and there are double-clearance tax services. 


The customs clearance of electronic cigarettes is more secure and the risk is lower, and the cost is higher than that of international express delivery. 


The FDA agency in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration, believes that e-cigarettes are a nicotine release device, and the import needs to be approved by the FDA. Therefore, the export of e-cigarettes to the United States needs to obtain FDA certification.


ASl is a reliable china freight forwarder that is very good at transporting dangerous goods, especially electronic cigarettes. 


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How do clear customs for sensitive substances?


Because the electronic cigarette is special, the electronic cigarette itself has a battery, and the pod contains liquid, making this kind of item a more sensitive item in international transportation. In addition to logistics issues, exporting e-cigarettes abroad also needs to pay attention to the policies of various countries. As a new thing, countries have different attitudes and requirements towards e-cigarettes.


In the logistics link, the electronic cigarette itself is a charged item. If you add a pod or e-liquid, it is a charged liquid item. According to the characteristics of the items, it is recommended that you use the following logistics channels as delivery channels.



European Line: A high-quality logistics channel for cross-border e-commerce sellers, which can be mailed to more than 20 European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, the United Kingdom, and Spain. It can undertake electronic products such as electronic cigarettes, notebook computers, Bluetooth headsets, etc. 


Australia special line: special line logistics to Australia, with strong transportation capacity, can not only undertake general charged items but also undertake pure batteries and high-power battery items. The overall time limit for receipt is 7-12 days, and the time limit is faster.


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What to pay attention to when transporting sensitive substances?


There is not much difference in operation between exporting electronic cigarettes and exporting other items, except that more customs clearance information needs to be provided when mailing to ensure customs clearance of the goods. Of course, you can also choose some redemption channels for mailing, and you need to bear certain transportation risks. The following is a brief introduction to the export operation process.


1. Consult the price

The first step in exporting is to ask a freight forwarding company to inquire about the price and timeliness of e-cigarette export logistics.


2. Order online

After you feel that the price is appropriate and the freight forwarding company is reliable, you can place an order directly online, fill in the recipient, sender, and item details, and provide a detailed pickup address.


3. Door-to-door pickup

The courier will pick up the package according to the pickup address provided by you, and transport the electronic cigarette back to the company's warehouse for sorting operation.


4. Pay the shipping fee

According to the selected logistics channel, pay the corresponding freight, and the package can be shipped out of the warehouse. Under normal circumstances, our logistics channels usually go online within 24 hours after leaving the warehouse, and Holland Postal Packet can provide pre-Internet service and the goods will be online.


5. Start a transportation

After leaving the warehouse and installing the machine, start international transportation and deliver it to the corresponding destination country. After arriving at the destination country for customs clearance, the terminal will be delivered to the recipient or recipient.


ASL is a customer-centric freight forwarding company, with many modes of transportation and many types of goods that can be handled, if necessary, we will provide you with a free consultation.


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 Why ASL can help you transport Vape products better to various countries?


ASL is familiar with the policies relating to the transportation of e-cigarettes to avoid unnecessary losses and has prepared the relevant documents for the transportation of e-cigarettes to the port of destination quickly and safely.


In addition, we do not charge arbitrary fees and do not cheat our customers. We charge best agency and handling fees, high quality operations, warehousing and value added services such as packing.


Our company has a team of professional agents who can offer a one-stop solution for the most economical shipping cost according to the type and weight of the customer's cargo.


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