What Is Blind Shipping and How Does It Work?

Discover how blind shipments protect supplier confidentiality and streamline operations. Explore the entire shipping process in this informative post.

What is blind shipping?

Blind shipping is a shipping method that involves sending orders directly from the manufacturer to the customer, all while keeping the manufacturer’s identity and address details hidden from the consignee. Much like white-label services, there’s no branding or labeling that reveals the identity of your supplier.

Why use blind shipment?

Blind shipping encourages customers to reorder from your business while safeguarding against losing customers to your manufacturer or supplier.

On the other hand, suppliers typically serve multiple clients, and their charges may vary. Blind shipping safeguards sensitive information such as pricing structures or exclusive deals. 

Moreover, it mitigates the risk of competitors discovering your trusted supplier partner.

How does it work in eCommerce?

Here’s an example of the blind shipping process:

Let’s say you’re a retailer based in the United States and partner with Supplier X in China.

  1. You contact Supplier X and provide them with the shipping details for the order, including your company’s name and address as the shipper, and your customer’s name and address as the consignee.
  2. Supplier X prepares the shipment and replaces their name on the Bill of Lading with your company’s name. The BOL lists your company as the shipper, concealing Supplier X’s identity.
  3. Your freight forwarder uses the original Bill of Lading to pick up and book a space for shipping to the USA. And then remove the original BOL after customs clearance.
  4. The modified BOL, with the supplier’s information concealed, is sent to the consignee(your customers).

In addition, blind shipping often requires the use of up to three distinct BOLs:

  1. A BOL used by the shipper during freight pickup.
  2. A BOL issued to the consignee upon delivery.
  3. A comprehensive BOL containing complete shipping and delivery details is submitted to the carrier for shipment booking.

Different freight carriers have varying procedures and requirements for arranging blind shipping. Therefore, outsourcing blind shipping to a 3PL provider can help save you unnecessary problems and time.

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We leverage our extensive network of global partners and automated fulfillment technology to streamline the international shipping process and ensure the timely delivery of goods.

Do blind shipments have any restrictions?

Yes, indeed. Some carriers may accept fictitious business names paired with inaccurate detailed addresses and phone numbers, provided that the city and zip codes match the actual business location.

Conversely, some carriers may only require the correct zip code for shipping goods. Some may even permit the entire address and contact details to be inaccurate.

These requirements vary from carrier to carrier, so it’s essential to consult specifics when booking blind shipments.

Are drop ship and blind ship the same?

While dropshipping involves shipping orders directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep, blind shipping takes an extra step to ensure anonymity. In blind shipping, the shipper’s identity remains concealed by removing supplier information from the BOL before it reaches its destination.


What is a double-blind shipment?

Unlike typical blind shipments, where the supplier may access customer details, double blind shipping keeps both parties uninformed, ensuring heightened privacy throughout the transaction. In this arrangement, the supplier remains unaware of the delivery destination, while the customer remains oblivious to the shipment’s origin. 

What is a BOL?

A bill of lading is the invoice accompanying a shipment. It typically contains comprehensive details about the transported cargo, along with related supplier and shipper information. For additional insights, you can check out this article.

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