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What is FTL? When to use it?

Truck shipping is commonly used to transport cargo to Europe. Compared with other shipping methods, the price of trucks is relatively affordable, more expensive than railway transportation but cheaper than air and express delivery; timeliness is better than railway and sea transportation, but can’t catch with air and courier.

Trucking shipping is divided into FTL and LTL; we will provide detailed FTL information in this article.

What is FTL?(pros and cons)

FTL refers to Full Truck Loads, which means that the cargo is full with whole truck space or is close to the shipping space. Clients who enjoy the entire space, even if their cargo does not cover the entire compartment but also need to pay for the entire vehicle. It works the same as the FCL.

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The benefits of full truckload shipping.

FTL simplifies the operation process. In general speak, the clients need to send the cargo to the warehouse of the logistics company before transporting, and uniformly pack different types of goods into one truck, and won’t need to be unloaded and reloaded multiple times during the transportation process, but this operation process is not required for LTL transportation. 

Protect the safety of the cargo. In transportation, the whole transportation does not need to transfer the vehicle, which saves the handling work of the goods and avoids damage during the handling process.

Timeliness is better. Compared with LTL, FTL has high transportation efficiency. During transportation, there is no need to load and unload goods, which reduces a lot of operating time.

The shortcoming of truckload shipping.

Compared with LTL, FTL has fewer disadvantages. You have to pay for a whole truckload if the quantity of goods is less than a full truckload. FTL is easily affected by the weather, and it is difficult to transport in the event of storms.

When to use FTL freight shipping?

Trucks are often used to transport cross-border e-commerce items to Europe, but the following two conditions can be met by using truckloads.

The volume of goods is relatively large and can be filled with a whole truck. Trucks are less expensive than other modes of transportation, and you can get good rates for shipping large quantities.

Time-sensitive cargo. Although truck transportation is not as good as air transportation, it is slightly faster than sea and rail transportation. The whole vehicle transportation does not need to dismantle the goods and transfer them in the middle, and the time is less than that of LTL.

How to calculate the truckload freight rate?

The trucking cost involves several factors: Cargo weight, beginning and arrival distance, the type of cargo, shipping modes, etc.

1. Cargo weight

The weight of the goods is the basic factor in calculating the trucking price. The unit price of heavier cargo is cheaper than light cargo. Because when the goods reach a certain weight, the forwarder or truck will give some discounts.

And the weight is generally charged according to the marked load capacity or the actual weight of the vehicle. The trucking freight rate = Weight of cargo (tons) ×Transport distance × Freight rate.

2. Shipping distance

The longer shipping distance makes the expensive price.

3. The type of cargo

Dangerous cargo is more expensive than the general goods. Dangerous goods are flammable and explosive and are prone to danger during transportation. There are strict packaging and operation requirements for transporting dangerous goods. The client has to take more risks and invest more, so the cost is also more expensive.

4. Shipping Terms

For example, DDP is more expensive than DDU if shipping the same cargo.

The price is constantly changing due to the influence of the market and low and peak seasons. If using trucks to transport goods, consult us for the specific price.

What is the difference between LTL and FTL freight?

The concept is different. LTL means that a small number of goods from different customers are assembled into one truck, and the truck can only be transported after it is full. FTL means that a customer’s goods occupy the space of the truck, do not need to be assembled with other goods, and need to pay for the entire truck.

The FTL shipping time is shorter than LTL. FTL goes directly to the customer’s door, without unloading during transportation. LTL needs to unload the cargo at different stations, and the transit and loading, and unloading of the cargo will waste a long time.

The price of FTL is more expensive than LCL. FTL needs to pay for the whole trucking fee, but LTL only pays for the space cost that you use.

Why ASL can offer the best FTL service to you?

Airsupply works extensively and in addition to air freight, we also involve trucking. Our professional team will formulate the best transportation solution according to your cargo, helping you save time and money.

Secondly, there are also special channels for the transportation of dangerous and sensitive cargo, which can not only clear customs quickly, but also has the ability to solve various problems that arise during transportation.

Compared with other forwarders, we can provide the most reasonable shipping price. Contact us by clicking the button below.

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