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Shipping From China To USA

Air Freight Shipping from China to USA

Providing speedy air shipping solutions for your most time-effective cargoes
Airsupply's customized solutions are crafted from a range of competitive price options to help you optimize your supply chain and avoid delays and risks.

We match your freight to the best options available, including:

● Flash Air Shipping (24-48h)
● Premium Air Shipping (3 to 5 days)
● Economical Air Shipping (6 to 12 days)
● Airport-to-airport Service, Door-to-door Service
● Perfect DDU,DDP, and LDP service
● Inland Trucking & Warehousing Service
● Credible Quotation Within 30 Minutes
● 7*24 Tracking And Tracing

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Air Freight Shipping from China to USA

Sea Freight Shipping from China to USA

Airsupply keeps strong relationships with core shipping lines with the competitive price and priority shipping space, with all these advantages make delivery by sea simple and reassuring.

Whether you need to ship standard container loads, oversized commodities or other cargo importing and exporting from China and the US, Airsupply's ocean freight solutions have what you need:

●FCL (Full container loads) and LCL (Less than container loads)
●Perfect DDU,DDP, and LDP service
●Port-to-port Service, Door-to-door Service
●Regular Weekly LCL consolidation
●Inland Trucking & Warehousing Service
●Credible Quotation Within 30 Minutes
●7*24 Tracking And Tracing

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Sea Freight Shipping from China to USA

Exclusive Charter Service

Our Air cargo charter department offers a full range of cargo aircraft, from Time-Critical Air Cargo, Dangerous Cargo to Large volumes, and heavy outsize consignments. A charter service can be the most convenient solution if your air cargo requires rigorous security, massive capacity, or high flexibility.

Airsupply gives you the option to choose either a split or full charter service tailored to suit whatever needs you may have.

● Full and split charter services organize dedicated aircraft to transport various types of goods.
● No matter where your cargo needs to get to or where from, our international network of agents provides you with local service on a global scale.
● Reaching under-serviced locations, allowing your cargo to arrive closer to its final destination.
● Our buying power and reputation allows us to find you the best cargo charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost effective solution.
● Each one of our charter experts has undergone intensive training and spent time on the tarmac so that they understand exactly what it takes to manage a charter flight from start to finish.
● 7*24 Tracking And Tracing

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Exclusive Charter Service

Shipping From China to Amazon FBA

Whether you’re new to shipping from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse or you are an established e-commerce company like many of our customers, The easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA is to work with a reputable freight forwarder who specializes in Amazon FBA.

Airsupply can help you get the lowest possible shipping rates across various carriers and manage all of your Amazon order fulfillment, you won’t ever have to worry about quality control, FBA rejection, or late deliveries.

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Shipping From China to Amazon FBA

Shipping dangerous and sensitive goods

Besides general goods, many Hazardous goods need air service as well, and Dangerous shipping can be a complex process and might be often rejected by most freight forwarders.

Airsupply has rich experience to handle Dangerous cargo with an IATA DGR license, We handle weekly +50 DG shipments (Class 2/3/4/5/6/8/9) regularly under the supervision of our certificated staff, We deliver your Hazardous goods at a fast transit time and reasonable price without any worries.

● Class 1, Explosives
● Class 2, Gases
● Class 3, Flammable Liquids
● Class 4, Flammable Solid, Spontaneously Combustible, and Dangerous When Wet
● Class 5, Oxidizer, Organic Peroxide
● Class 6, Poison (Toxic), Poison Inhalation Hazard, Infectious Substance
● Class 7, Radioactive Material
● Class 8, Corrosives
● Class 9, Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials and Lithium Batteries

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Transportation of dangerous goods and sensitive goods

Shipping from China to USA Guide

I will detail the knowledge of shipping from China to the United States in this guide,which can help you make right choice when importing from China.

How to ship container from China to USA?

There are three modes of transportation from China to America, namely air freight, by sea, and land, let's see what kind of goods are suitable for the following modes of transportation.

Air freight from China to the USA

What is air freight shipping? Air transport refers to the mode of transport using aircraft as a tool, it means transporting goods from an airport in one country to an airport in another.

What cargo is suitable for air freight?

● Urgent cargo: If you need to ship goods to the United States in a short time, you can choose air freight.
● Light weight cargo: First, most of the international air transport is for both passenger and cargo, with limited capacity and carrying weight. Second, air freight cost from china to the USA is expensive.
● High-value cargo: Air freight is very safe. Such as phones, tablets, and so on.

Sea freight from China to the USA

What is sea freight? Sea shipping is the mode of transport using shipment as a tool; there are two main ways of shipping by sea, namely liner shipping and charter shipping.

What cargo is suitable for air freight?

● Bulky or heavy cargo.
● Goods with no time limit.
● Container cargo: Ocean FCL and LCL Sea Freight.

Ocean FCL (Full Container Load)

The quantity of goods is relatively large, and it is more cost-effective to ship according to the whole container. The cargo owner or the freight forwarder will book and consign directly with the shipping company (in the way of FCL). The whole container of cargo is generally packed and sealed by the consignor, and the consignee is responsible for unpacking and unloading. FCL, take the box as the delivery unit.

LCL sea freight(Less than Container Load)

LCL refers to small-ticket goods that do not fit into a full container. The carrier assembles more than two shipments of goods into one container, and also needs to be unpacked at the destination container freight station or inland station for separate delivery. For this kind of goods, the carrier has to bear the packing and unpacking operations, and the packing and unpacking fees are still charged to the cargo party.

Express shipping from China to the USA

International Express is mainly responsible for transportation by express companies, and express transportation from China to the United States is mainly DHL, FedEx and UPS. The time of international expression is similar to that of air.

What cargo is suitable for express?

● Cargo weighing less than 100kg.
● Documents, samples, sample advertisements, and other goods without commercial value.
● Air freight, door-to-door service.

What are the difference between DHL, FedEx, UPS and EMS?

EMS international express is suitable for taking small pieces of goods that do not require timeliness because the price is more affordable. But the service is not good, because the shipping time is unstable. Online feedback of goods delivery information is also very slow, if it is valuables, do not choose EMS. But one of the biggest advantages of EMS is that when your goods are detained abroad, EMS can help you ship them back for free.

UPS is the world's largest international express company and is more suitable for bulk shipments. The transportation method is mainly land transportation, and there is also air business in the United States.

FedEx is the third largest international express company; it has an advantage in sending small goods and can be sent to Europe, America, South America, and Southeast Asia, with good timeliness and stable prices.

DHL's main business is air freight, the network is developed, the speed is express, and there is a separate bulk price for more than 21 kg, and the price is very attractive, and it is lower than EMS in some areas.

Cost of shipping from China to the USA

What is the cheapest shipping from China to the USA? A lot of buyers ask the same question. Air shipping from China to the USA is more expensive than sea freight. But the speed of air freight fast than sea shipping. Shipping costs include a local fee, freight cost, customs clearance cost and operation cost, etc.

First, according to the incoterms in a contract between buyer and seller, you must know what part of the fee you will be paying. Different shipping terms, the responsibilities and obligations of the buyer and the seller are different, so it is recommended to be familiar with various shipping terms to avoid transaction friction during the transportation process. Learn more about incoterms here.

Second, how to calculate the container cost from China to the USA?

Air freight rates from China to the USA

Air freight cost from China to the USA is more expensive but faster than shipping by ocean. The average air freight price of the 10kg cargo is more expensive than 50kg. For example, if the weight of the goods you transport is less than 20Kg, it will be calculated at $5.8 per kilogram. But if the weight of the cargo your shipping is more than 20Kg, but less than 50KG, it will be calculated at $5.5 per kilogram. And so on, the more goods you ship, the cheaper the average price.

Usually, in the quotation of the freight forwarder to the customer, the following content needs to be included: local charge, terminal charge, customs clearance, handling charge and airline doc, time, etc.

The following is the shipping cost from China to the USA per kg chart:

The air freight price may fluctuate due to the influence of weather and holidays, especially during the epidemic period, there may be a great deviation between the price this week and the price next week, so contact a professional freight forwarder in time to understand the market conditions and reduce transportation risks.

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Ocean freight rates from china to USA

LCL Sea Freight

LCL (Less than Container Load), means that the cargo only gets the space capacity required within the container, and the other capacity is taken up by the cargo of other shippers. LCL charge is calculated based on volume and weight, whichever is the greater and minimum charge for very small shipments.

LCL cost consists of three parts: Sea freight, local charges, and destination port charges. How to calculate the LCL charge?

Seaborne bulk cargo volume (CBM)=gross weight (kg)/167, whichever is larger than the actual volume, the billing volume is charged according to the bulk volume after all volumes are added, and the system retains two decimal places, with 0.01 cubic meters (CBM ) is the progress unit.

FCL Ocean Freight Rates

FCL (Full Container Load), One FCL capacity is only available to one customer. For FCL shipments, the rate per container is charged regardless of the weight and volume of the shipment - of course, the shipment cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the container.

FCL Sea Freight price includes document fee, seal fee, operating fee, customs fees, and shipping cost. Shipping costs by sea are calculated according to the number of containers.

The following is the unit price of the container in different parts of the United States

The choice of FCL or LCL depends not only on the volume and weight of the cargo, but also on the nature of the cargo. Each processing step of a shipment carries a certain risk of damage to the shipment. Therefore, for some sensitive or high-value small goods, FCL can also be selected.

Our ocean freight experts will be happy to advise you on the shipping method that suits you and offer the best price. Click the button below.

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Shipping from China to USA time

How long does a ship from china to the US? Choosing different methods of shipping, the transit time from china to us is also different. Like if you choose ocean freight, you will spend 1 month. But if you want to ship cargo to American by air, you may spend about 1-5 days.

Air freight from China to USA time

The distance between the port of departure and the port of destination determines the time of air freight. As shown below:

Sea freight from China to USA time

Here is the average sea freight port-to-port shipping time to the US below.

Express shipping from China to USA time

From the spreadsheet below, you will see the significant comparisons between the different express times from China to the USA below.

Generally speaking, FedEx is the best choice, because it will be faster and more expensive, DHL is a more affordable choice, EMS is slower, but the price is the cheapest, you can choose the right one according to your actual situation shipping method.

What is the fastest shipping from China to USA?

Of course, it is air freight. As mentioned above, direct air freight only takes one day to arrive, which is especially suitable for urgent goods. Followed by express shipping, it can be delivered to the door, which is convenient and fast. Ocean freight is slower but can transport heavy goods.

The three modes of transportation have their own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be concluded which one is better. It only depends on which mode of transportation is more affordable for your goods.

How to find a best freight forwarder in China to USA?

Actually, choosing a best shipping agent in china to the USA is very important, because it decides your shipping cost. If your freight forwarder is not professional, you may be in trouble for goods detained by customs, customs declaration documents are not ready, and lost or damaged goods. And even, you have to pay more.

A professional freight forwarder needs to have these characteristics:

● Professional knowledge

The understanding of industry knowledge is the basic literacy of a freight forwarder, they understand the best way to transport goods and transport routes. According to the requirements of goods and customers, we can provide the best solution in time. Second, they need timely insight into market conditions and price trends. The price is constantly changing. If the price trend cannot be judged in time, it may be difficult to reserve a position at a low price.

● Quality you can trust.

A good freight forwarder needs to be trustworthy and focus on the needs of customers. Do not deceive customers, do not deliberately raise prices, and solve problems seriously.

● Sensitive adaptability

In the process of transportation, the goods face various unknown risks. The freight forwarder needs to have a sensitive thinking and reaction ability, find a way to solve the problem in time and reduce the loss of customers.

ASL is such a professional freight forwarding company. Because our team has 20+ years’ experience shipping cargo from china to the USA. And if you want to ship a container from china to the USA, we can provide the best shipping price. Also, our exclusive charter service will make you shipping process smoother. If you need to ship dangerous goods. We have the professional team to handle them for you.

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