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Product Inspection List When Shipping From China to The US

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) data on counterfeit products seized in the fiscal year 2015, the following categories are the most frequently inspected by U.S. ocean freight:

1. Clothing/Accessories

Clothing and accessories were the largest counterfeit category, accounting for 22% of seizures. High-end clothing is highly profitable, so it is profitable. The desire to buy high-end clothing drives the counterfeit market.

2. Consumer Electronics

One of the five counterfeit products was an electronic product, the second largest category of counterfeit goods in the United States. It was seized 18% of the time, and the total value of seized goods was $13.25 million, accounting for 10% of the total value of seized goods.

Many American consumers want to buy the latest products, so there is a certain incentive to buy and produce counterfeit electronic products. Many consumers are easy victims.

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3. Shoes

The number of seizures of shoes accounted for 10%. In 2014, the number of counterfeit shoes seized reached 2,818 times, which was twice the number of seizures in the previous year. Many shoe manufacturers have taken action against counterfeiting, such as Nike adding many hidden details to its own shoes.

4. Watches/Jewelry

The number of seized watches accounted for 10%, and the total price of watches/jewelry seized in 2015 accounted for 45% of the total price of seized goods, accounting for the largest share. In August last year, 175,000 counterfeit watches were seized at one point. Like other luxury goods, watches and jewelry are easily counterfeited and infringed. Counterfeit jewelry and watches have become a major issue in the industry, and the Swiss Watch Industry Federation organizes an annual campaign against counterfeiting.

5. Pharmaceuticals and personal care products

Globally, medicines are one of the most frequently counterfeited commodities, accounting for 8% of seizures. Due to the high demand, limited supply, and high prices of high-quality medicines, selling counterfeit medicines can be very lucrative for criminals.

A lot of counterfeit products, but also a lot of genuine ones. Drug patent infringement is one of the focuses of the United States.

6. Handbags/Wallets

The value of seized handbags and wallets accounted for 15% of the total price of seized goods, and the number of seizures accounted for 7%. Some handbags cost tens of thousands of dollars, and there is a market for high-end handbags. In July last year, the CPB seized 10,788 Gucci and Coach bags from China during an inspection.

7. Optical media

Optical media including games, DVDs, CDs, and other products were seized 5% of the time, and the total value of seized goods increased from $1.88 million in 2014 to $3.25 million in 2015. And in the Internet age, these contents are increasingly sold electronically, so they are more prone to problems.

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8. Computer/electronic accessories

Computer/electronic accessories were seized and accounted for 3%. Many counterfeit products may be aimed at military systems and equipment, so these counterfeit products are not only detrimental to the economy but also detrimental to the national defense and security of the United States. Selling counterfeit computer accessories is highly lucrative, and in recent years counterfeit computer parts have been found in U.S. military weapons.

9. Counterfeit labels and labels

Counterfeit OEMs and labels were seized 2% of the time. Counterfeit goods require OEM and labeling. Labels and labels on counterfeit clothing are not included. The seized labels and labels included cloth labels, stickers, and metal labels, commonly used on OEM clothing, handbags, shoes, electronics, and software, among others.

10. Children’s toys/children’s products

Children’s toy products (12 years old and below) and baby products shipping from China to the United States are CPSC-regulated products. Strict inspection will be carried out when passing through the US customs. If the information is not complete, it will lead to the risk of inspection, deduction, and even product destruction.

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