What Services Are Mainly Provided by China Freight Forwarders

The main service provided by China freight forwarders is to be responsible for the freight business

1. The main business of China Freight Forwarding¬†Company is to provide freight intermediary services for the transportation of goods from China to overseas, and freight from China to overseas requires professional intermediaries. China freight forwarding company is responsible for cooperating with customs, shipping companies, and airlines to arrange the client’s goods according to trade.

The terms and conditions require that it be shipped to overseas trade customers. Its responsibility is to transport the goods entrusted by the consignor from one place to another through the determined transportation route. The service object is the whole society, and it is the bridge and link connecting cargo owners and transport capacity providers.

2. China freight forwarding companies generally use less-than-truckload and truck transportation for domestic transportation business; for international business, they generally operate ships and air transportation. These two modes are generally companies with their own cars or ships, that is, the owner. Domestic freight The agent generally refers to the warehouse, and the international freight forwarder generally does sea or air transportation. Both companies are their own car or ship companies, that is, the owner.

The domestic freight forwarder generally refers to the warehouse, and the international freight forwarder generally refers to the warehouse. International freight forwarders generally do sea or air freight.

International freight forwarding companies can do: (simply) chartering, international shipping, air transportation-related business, domestic shipping, domestic road transportation, etc., and can also do import trade; domestic freight forwarders should only be able to do domestic shipping, road transportation (my personal Thought, I am an international freight forwarder, and a domestic freight forwarder should only do domestic shipping, road transportation, and air transportation-related business).

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3. China freight forwarding company looks like an intermediary company, but in fact, the operation of the industry is not easy. In addition to the pressure brought by some line competitors, it is necessary to discuss the freight rate with the shipping company, discuss the shipment process with the cargo owner, and check the shipment situation with the customs broker and the trailer company.

The item information on each order must be checked by yourself because many cannot be reviewed by the customs broker. Ultimately, even if the shipment is successful, Not receiving the final payment is not a successful business.

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