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Shipping from China to Thailand

Air Freight Shipping from China to Thailand

● Urgent Air Freight (1 day).
● General Air Freight (2-3 days).
● Economical Air Freight (5+ days).
● Efficient Customs Clearance in China and Thailand.
● Fast door to door delivery.
● Reliable DDU, DDP service.
● Express Shipping to Thailand from China.
● Safe project logistics insurance services.
● Any Airport in China.

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Air Freight Shipping from China to Thailand

Road Transport Service from China to Thailand

ASL provides free 24-hour quote service, safe and fast shipping of goods to Thailand by road, and is experienced in solving various emergencies. Rail freight is more expensive than sea freight, but still cheaper than air freight. The services we provide include:
● Shipping time (1-5 days).
● Completive FTL and LTL price.
● Quicker customs procedures.
● Fast and safe shipping various cargos.
● Most cost effective solution.
● 7*24 Tracking and Tracing.

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Road Transport Service from China to Thailand

Ocean Shipping from China to Thailand

● Shipping time (11 – 20 days).
● Best prices for per container.
● Fast port to port, door to door, door to port, port to door.
● 7*24 Tracking and Tracing.
● Free Value-added Service.
● Main port: Bangkok, Laem chabang, Lat krabang, Songkhla.

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Ocean Shipping from China to Thailand

Dangerous and Sensitive Goods

The requirements for the storage of dangerous goods are much higher than ordinary goods, so the storage costs will be higher. And ASL can ensure the safety of dangerous goods during fast transportation. We have experience in transporting dangerous goods, which can save shipping time and reduce costs. The dangerous and sensitive goods we provide include:
● Electronic-cigarette.
● Gases.
● Explosives (fireworks or sparks).
● Flammable Liquids (solvents or paint).
● Flammable solids (matches).
● Spontaneously Combustible When Wet.
● Oxidizing substance (fertilizers).
● Organic peroxides (fiberglass repairs kits).
● Poison (Toxic), Poison Inhalation Hazard, Infectious Substance.
● Radioactive Material (smoke detectors).
● Corrosives (bleach or drain cleaner).
● Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials and Lithium Batteries.

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Shipping from China to Thailand Amazon FBA


Q: If I want to travel from Hong Kong to Thailand, what is the transit time?

A: Sea shipping time (3 days); Air Freight Shipping time (1 day).

Q: When is the payment due, before or after the bill of lading is issued?

A: If you are cooperating with us for the first time, the first three votes will be settled, and the monthly settlement will be applied later depending on the situation.

Q: Shipping from China to Thailand, how about the extra fee?

A: Customs fees:$36/ ORDER; Bill of lading fee: $7.2/SHPT; Tally fee:$ 0.07/KG; There are also many variable fees, if you want to determine a specific price, you need to contact us.

Shipping from China to Thailand
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  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    Airsupply spending over 6 years in the industry to create long-term contracts with highly reputed carriers; with increasing cargo volume year by year, keeping very good relations with airlines, all of these contribute to our competitive prices. Even during the peak season, ASL did not increase the prices. Also, we promise there are NO hidden costs, which helps our customers not worry.

  • Considerate Service

    Considerate Service

    You have a spontaneous question about your air shipment ? No worries. We are 7 x 24 live support. Get quick responses on our platform. Communicate directly with your air freight operations manager or your account manager.

  • Customized Solution

    Customized Solution

    We provide customized solutions and multiple choices.  Tell us your needs and conditions and our algorithm will calculate the best transport routes within your calculated budget. Premium or standard, you will get what you need.

  • Reliable Network

    Reliable Network

    With our robust global agent partner network, we cover your businesses and markets anywhere in the world from pick up at origins, multiple consolidation, customs clearance, through to door-to-door delivery to end customers.