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Sep 06,2022

What is the meaning of double clearing by sea from China to the USA?

Sea freight from china to USA what does Shuangqing mean?


Referred to as Shuangqing in customs terminology, it means that a sea freight from china to USA logistics company or import and export company has strong strength in customs declaration and clearance, and can clear customs at ports all over China. As we all know, importing each batch of goods requires the process of customs declaration. For example, to import a batch of machines, the freight company can clear customs in Shenzhen and the United States, and import the goods to the United States, which can show the strength of the company, which achieves double clearance Business, generally speaking: Shuangqing is a package of export, foreign import, and tax, which can be said to be a one-stop service.


Sea freight from china to USA Shuangqing the specific operation process


1. Receipt of Power of Attorney

The customer should fill in the specific information according to the content of the "Carrier Power of Attorney", which is complete and clear, and the contents of the "Carrier Power of Attorney".


2. Shipping information

The sender provides: box type, box volume, use, delivery time, name of the goods

If the customer needs to entrust the packaging after receiving the freight, the freight company asks the merchant for the packaging method. The factory packing shipper provides the factory address, and the warehouse packing and shipping company provides the warehouse address to the shipper


3. Booking

The freight company provides the cargo situation to the shipping company and the shipping company determines the price and books the space with the shipping company. After receiving the booking, the shipping company will inform you of the name of the ship, the schedule, and the bill of lading number.


4. Customs declaration loading

After the container is assembled at the port, it is declared to the customs; the shipping company loads the container onto the ship.


5. Uninstall

The shipping company unloads the container onto the terminal.


6. Notification of delivery

The shipping company notifies the consignee to pick up the goods.


7. Customs clearance

The consignee clears customs to the customs.


8. Exchange order

Exchange the original bill of lading for the bill of lading, or exchange the bill of lading with the letter of guarantee and the telex number.


9. Pick up

The consignee takes the bill of lading to pick up the goods.

Shuangqing also ensures that the customs of the sending country can export normally and that the destination country can clear the customs. This means that some non-general goods and special goods cannot be cleared normally in the destination country through normal channels.